for those who like unusual vacation an eco tent suspended between trees

Tentsile Introduces an Ecological Travel Experience

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Luminaires Tree Tents – Spherical tent on the tree.
Fans of eco-tourism will certainly be torn, made in the form of a cocoon. The design is specially attached between the trees, to minimize the negative effects on the environment and to protect travelers from unwanted encounter with wildlife.

Luminaires architectural projects of the company.
Luminaires company took three years design and manufacture a reality construction of spherical tents (luminaires Tree Tents), fixed between the trees. As noted by the authors themselves, the creation of a form of tent inspired by the first airship and sailplanes. Its diameter is 3 meters, with facilities that accommodate 2 adults.

Tent with frame of aluminum and wooden ash.

Spherical frame tent fittings Tree tent.
The frame structure is made of aluminum and recycled wood ash. Outside the tent is covered with a special canvas cotton. In the cold season is also introduced in wool efforts. In addition, luminaires have a tent and a water tank. Electricity is produced by solar panels.

A tent with a wood burning stove.

Tents, floating between trees – options for non-standard holiday fans.
Luminaires Tent-tent original tents, but living in it does not dare everyone. Those who want to pick up a temporary haven for relaxation will enjoy the best overview of the 14 tents, 2015.