form and content building with non dynamic facade

Evaluation of adaptive facades: The case study of Al Bahr Towers in

Laiki Lefkothea – the house with the original dynamic facade.
In Cyprus, for a large family built two storey houses with unusual geometric shapes. It was about the Chamber, saying that "the form encompasses the content." The dynamic facade with different curves is what separates the building apart from other similar homes.

Architectural studio project Tsikkinis Architecture Studio.
Architects Agency Tsikkinis Architecture Studios completed the work of building a private house under the name of Laiki Lefkothea, located on sunny Cyprus. The house stands out from the crowd with its unusual shape. Balkans resemble a kind of must "protect" the house and those traveling from external stimuli.

Laiki Lefkothea. Altan.

Laiki Lefkothea. Interior.
Natural materials (wood and stone) are used for the facade, as well as for interior decoration. Different blend textures, color palette of white, gray and brown shades create a calm and welcoming atmosphere in the house. The interior has a "minimalist" style, but tasteful. On the ground floor there is an open space with the hotel and kitchen with dining area overlooking the terrace. A top-equipped room.

Laiki Lefkothea. Interior in the style of minimalism.

Laiki Lefkothea – two storey blast furnace Cyprus.
Another unusual house with original forms on the island of Cyprus was built by the architects Studio Vardastudio Architects & Designers. It is a round house of concrete with expressive architecture, including an outdoor pool with a wooden deck and a cubic entry zone.