funny blooming street with their hands

flower growing through train tracks flower growing through train tracks

Quiet flowering gate with their hands
Everyone is used to the monotonous grayness of the streets: the same faceless houses, high fences, a minimum of greenery and lack of color, to motion and endless flow of cars. But everyone can change the situation. A little effort and imagination can change the world. You can plant in your garden a small alley of birches and pines, crush flower bed, paint your fence in bright colors. We propose to start on a small scale – with its own fence, or rather to the gate, turn it into a real masterpiece of the street, which certainly does not go unnoticed.

materials: timber (you can use waste wood that will significantly reduce material costs) paint, wood screws, loop tools: table saw or saw (if you use finished rails, when you do not need a saw) band saw, jigsaw or a jigsaw to cut flowers, milling machine or a knife for carvingCasting and milling machine, brush

You can use ready-made rack or rock razor from any timber. The width should be about 5-10 cm. The height of picking up at will. Originally will look flowers at different heights. Paint stalks are green (or any other of your choice).

Cut flower stalks

cut ~~ POS = TRUNC flowers ~~ POS = HEADCOMP

cut ~~ POS = TRUNC flowers ~~ POS = HEADCOMP

cut ~~ POS = TRUNC flowers ~~ POS = HEADCOMP

Attach the flower sketch for wood-scratch around it with a pen or marker. Cut flowers. First, better cut clear internal corner band saw to the leaves have not got stuck in the curves of the flower. Then treat the edges of the petals on the decorative milling machine. The next step is to cut outlines cut flower.

First paint halfway colors, then cover them with a lid from PET bottles and paint the petals.

Cut and paint the leaves on the same technology as the flowers.

Attach the stems of flowers

Pick wood screws, which are a little shorter than your stalk and put together. Pre-drill hole for the screws with a drill. Screw the flowers and stems from the inside. Use the two screws on each flower to secure stronger. The blade has not yet attached.

Make a frame wicket in the form of the letter Z. First place 2 laces and then the diagonal on a flat surface, make the layout, cut out excessively and mount the frame. The diagonal band bore holes for the screws and seal the design. Then you need to attach hinges. To do this you must add vertical lines, secure and secure the loop.

accommodation shtaketin

Correct shtaketiny two at the edges. Then put out the rest as desired. Arrange the sheets. First drill holes with a drill and attach the blades to the stems of the back. Then it's just fixed the stems on the frame. Certain colors can be attached only at one point, depending on the height of the shaft.

Determining the gate of the fence

flowering fence

Hang the gate hinge. Enjoy your own handmade masterpiece. On it, pay attention to all passers-by, and may be, and will want to take a photo on his background.