garden landscape 25 amazing ideas for building bridges

25 Amazing Garden Bridge Design Ideas that Will Make Your Garden Beautiful

Garden Landscape: 25 Great Ideas for Building Bridges
The building of the garden or on the farm – are intimate planting trees, shrubs and flowers, and duka and some chairs. For the eye he cheered and sang the soul, you need a little more. If the garden floats a small stream or is equipped with an artificial dust, then surely you need the bridge, which will act as a practical and aesthetic feature.

The little bridge from Sage Ecological Landscape and Nursery

Even a small bridge can completely change the landscape

Bridges are different

A little brother leads Quezon to rest at home

A small bridge in a Japanese garden

A little bridge in a garden

The bridges at home

There is nothing better than settling in the summer beautiful courtyard garden with lush greenery and scented flowers. Too many restless city life in the form of glass and concrete becomes tiring and wants to change it into something more comfortable eye and soul. Turning a regular farm into a paradise will help the original bridge, it can be built even if the area is not a brook or dust. Garden bridges are available in different sizes and shapes. The main thing is that it fits into the overall style of landscape.

Even in a small garden, you can build a bridge, which will become a luxury compositional center, attracting everyone's attention. A small artificial stream, a bridge with stones below, beautiful lighting – and the paradise is complete. The construction of a small bridge does not require huge costs. For minimalistic models, which perform more decorative function, do not even need Perilla.

Gazebo and bridge from Cahal Construction

Bridge in oriental style

Source in Japanese style

Source of the Japanese Garden in San Francisco

English mansion by Laurie S Woods

Garden in tropical style by Daniel Moran Architect

Classic stone bridge from Conte & Conte

Bridge in a minimalist style Pool environments

Entrance to the farm of Willman Interiors

Garden with a bridge in a rustic style

Simple wooden bridge

Garden with a French-style bridge

If the garden still can not boast of sentence and subject, the bridge will finally decide on them. Garden Bridge – is a sculptural and architectural element, which can be a link that connects interior and exterior. If rustic style fits both bridges of stone and wood and metal, for modern styles is the best and the bridge to make a graceful and restrained. If the garden can not boast a large area, you can also access the area to make a bridge.

Red Bridge in Japanese style

White bridge across the stream from Specialty Gardens

Red Bridge in the modern style of Brians Welding

Garden Bridge by Kate Yoklavich