garden sculpture how find place for statue in garden

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Sculpture garden: how to find a place for the statue in the garden
The local shop garden sculpture serstor, but for some reason, as soon as it is in the home, there is a problem finding a place for it. This is similar to the situation of the house, which is wrong and ill-considered to arrange furniture, and it looks messy and tasteless. Therefore, before buying statues definitely need to think about a new garden decoration plan of arrangement.

fairy sculpture


Statues on the table

classical sculpture

The statues are also to be seen in the grass

Statues as a compositional center

If you are not chosen for the garden any style or theme, then it's time to do it. Funny and clumsy plots look ridiculous in front of a large statue of Buddha. Therefore, we must follow the same direction – a land garden, Zen garden, fairy, you should try to avoid hassle and uncertainty.

There is no point in placing the statue in the garden if they are not visible. It is necessary to take into account all directions from which they will look (from the house, patio, porch or from the port), the position of the viewer (standing, sitting, passing). The statues should be placed in an open space, or use an additional decoration to make them focus.

modern sculpture

Buddha statue

Every statue of his place

Child sculpture for any subject and style

Every statue of his place