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One of the biggest challenges in furniture manufacturing is manufacturing of unfinished rather wooden bathroom vanities. Unfinished bathroom vanity is quite unheard of as they are not easily available but can be found at high end stores. Nowadays particle board, MDF and veneers are used for manufacturing of bathroom vanity which look like wood but are lighter and cheaper. The exteriors are made of attractive patterned wood while low quality material is used for the interiors thus compromising on durability. Unfinished vanity is like a heirloom quality vanity that are constructed in furniture style with solid wood both inside out meaning the interior and exterior structure both are sturdy and durable.

Styles of Unfinished Bathroom Vanity

The best wood and the most advanced techniques are used in the manufacturing of wooden vanity due to the great humidity levels in the bathroom. Kiln dried hardwood is used to minimize the possibility of warping and cracking. The construction is of framed type to ensure durability and stability. These are not the flat or knock down cabinets that can be assembled with bolts and staples rather they have a natural marble or granite top with a proper sealed finish to prevent any fading or peeling due to high levels of humidity. If low quality of wood is used it may degrade over time but the good quality solid wood will withstand the test of time.

Reasons for Installing an Unfinished Bathroom Vanity

Solid wood bathroom vanities are quite difficult to find, but the unfinished ones are even rarer. The main reason for getting an unfinished bathroom vanity is that it is almost impossible to find a wood vanity in a light blonde finish.  If you go for an unfinished vanity you can seal the cabinets in a way to let the underlying wood shine with the help of a clear polyurethane. True wood lovers who value solid wood would love the natural neutral look of unfinished wood. Another reason for opting for an unfinished vanity is the ease with which you can match it with the already existing wood décor by customizing its look yourself.

Different Types of Unfinished Vanities

The unfinished vanities not only come in various styles and sizes, they come with features and add-ons that can be personally customized according to your requirements. The mirror and linen cabinet can be matched and made of the same solid oak and then left unfinished.