golden color in bathroom interior with window

BATHROOM | Bright bathroom with beautiful blueish tiles
BATHROOM | Bright bathroom with beautiful blueish tiles and a freestanding tub. Great soft pink color accents and a golden shower head.

If you arrange the bathroom in gold color, it can move from a purely utilitarian space to a place where you can be happy in the comfort of hanging out and relaxing. Plain tile for finishing the interior a luxury style does not fit, so in this case chosen decorative plaster – it looks much more spectacular.

Style chosen designers – art deco bathroom It is rarely used because it requires a large space and custom finishes do not always resist a damp atmosphere. In this case the dimensions allow us to apply a refined patch that immediately changes the view in the bathroom becomes more like a boudoir than sanitation room.

Nothing to ruin the situation bathroom in gold color, no storage, cabinets and shelves do not. There's only a cupboard under the sink, which can be all you need to clean.

Light and color

In the creation of style with Art Deco in the bathroom an important role playing light. They are stylized light chandeliers, and have a golden color. Under such circumstances, the usual fixtures, the spots near the mirrors, which give a strong light, look at their place. This problem was solved by embedding in the wall on each side of the niche, spotlights the surrounding shell. A large window fills the room with a soft diffused light.



Art Deco style in the bathroom backs textiles: light white curtains without patterns supplemented with gold curtains, captured twisted rope. All decor units that have been constructed in the same style and color of gold. To improve the atmosphere of luxury decorated with casting in stucco.