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Good night: how to choose the perfect bedding
Never underestimate the quality of the bed linen, as it not only adds a certain charm to the bedroom, but also creates the conditions for a sleep. Almost a third of the life we ​​spend in bed, so that part of life is not worth remembering. Quality linen is a long time and over the years to get even better. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to take into account many factors when the vybore number threads to the fabric itself and, of course, its appearance.

Pay attention to interlacing

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This refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per 1 square inch of fabric. For example, if the fabric should 200kn indicator, it means that a cm² sheet has 200 filaments. From weave density depends on the quality of the fabric, its weight, durability, breathability. But this is not the only factor to be aware of when choosing a good bedding.

The quality of the thread – is another important factor. The higher the quality of the thread and the lower the density, the fabric is softer and softer and easier to wash than a fabric with a low quality yarn, high density fabric. Always controlled by weave density of 200, it will provide a higher quality bedding, which will have a high degree of wear resistance.

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choose cotton

Choose Blend Fabrics

If you want to "bedding" bedclothes, then choose Polycotton, ie. cotton and synthetic yarn of polyester. Linen of this fabric is ideal for people engaged who prefer the fabric to use. It is comfortable at touch, dries quickly and not very wrinkled, therefore suitable for large families where parents work hard. To buy high quality fabric, you must choose the one whose interlacing of not less than 180 kN, it will provide fabric strength and durability. Choose Polycotton with a large proportion of the cotton content in the composition.

Choose linen

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Natural silk bedding is considered allergy-friendly. In winter the warmth of silk lingerie, and cool in summer. Silk – is more sensitive material than cotton or linen, and it does not irritate sensitive skin. Furthermore, it is not able to absorb particles epithelium that naturally remains in the bed when sleeping or electrifying hair. The only disadvantage is just that it is a very fragile fabric that requires special care, especially when washing.

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It is recommended to choose silk produced woolen mulberry worms, as it is the softest side weighing 17 Momme (Japanese weight unit). We can not say that this fabric is very expensive, but the bedside of the page will last forever.

One must remember that at the same time the selection and the interior and bedding. The choice depends, like a bedroom, and a good night's sleep you will look like. 100% cotton or Polycotton differs from linen. For example, if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom in Nordic style, then choose linen. If you can not afford high quality fabric, then choose a weave density of less than 600KN.

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Take care of your sheets, pillows, blankets and mattresses. Because during sleep, our skin particles remain on the bed of the epithelium, which is a completely natural process, toneobhodimo carefully protect pillows and mattresses, bedding change every week, in order not to give the possibility of bacteria that cause diseases of the lungs and skin, multiply. Different types of tissues require different methods and types of laundry, follow the instructions. About cotton and linen, we can simply be washed in a washing machine and dried in a centrifuge, since it only requires manual since laundry and drying in the open air. We offer to deal with the benefits of linen more in detail and to make the right choice.

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