Granite bathroom vanity will give a stunning look

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A perfect vanity top can change the entire look of your bathroom. Select a vanity top that complements or contrasts the walls, floors or vanity to add a little color or texture and pattern to your bathroom. Whether it is designing a new bathroom or remodeling your old one a new vanity top will prove to be a new oasis. Sometimes it happens that you like your existing cabinet but want to change the look. The best way is to change the vanity top, and you can start by taking the exact dimensions of width and depth before you go looking for one. Granite gives a contemporary timeless look to your bathroom.

Granite as a Bathroom Vanity Top

Bathroom vanity tops are made of many natural materials like marble, quartz, basalt and granite.  Granite is a very impressive and durable natural material that is resistant to scratches and stains and is not affected by any mineral buildup. Granite vanity tops look very elegant and unique though they tend to be more expensive than marble or quartz. Granite tiles are more affordable than a granite slab while giving the same look. Granite comes in various colors like black, green, tan brown, beige and many others. Vanity tops often come fitted with a round, Oval or rectangular under mount sink and faucet holes for easy installation of faucets. At times the vanity tops are fitted with two sinks too.

Reasons for choosing Granite for a Vanity Top

Granite is a natural stone that is favored over other stones because of its resistance to the hardness of acids. Being a porous stone it has to be sealed before use to prevent it from damage and stains. Granite is a material that retains its polished and good looks even after years of continuous use if it is cared for. Make sure that a granite top is protected with a sealer at the time of installation and the process should be repeated every couple of years. A daily care routine should be to wipe clean the vanity counter with a mild detergent and ensure that the counter is kept dry. Acid or any abrasive materials should be kept away from granite. To keep your granite bathroom vanity smooth and reflective, use a granite polishing compound to polish the vanity top with a clean and soft cloth occasionally.