great alternative expensive housing high rise building from containers

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David has endured great instability in his life over the last year. After getting deported from Canada, David found himself homeless in the UK. Until now.

The project is a multi-storey house of containers in Mumbai (India).
In recent years, architects are increasingly using transport containers as a basis for housing, motivating them to use fast and cheap installation costs. So in Mumbai (India) in the near future can see a house from the containers, which will partly solve the problem of resettlement of slum.

The project architecture agency Ganti + Associates Design.
As part of the architectural competition for the best project housing house with marine containers in the victory Ganti + Associates Design Bureau as the main building material. Architects have presented the concept of a rental house destined for congested Dharavi area in the Mumbai slum.

For better ergonomics containers stacked in displaced rows.
Taking into account the fact that the containers 10 can be "stacked" by another without additional load, the architects want to build a house of up to 100 meters in height (about 32 containers). Container clusters of 8 pieces will be "stacked" on concrete walls with steel beams.

Drives the use of alternative energy sources.
On the south and west sides of the building will be built solar panels and small wind turbines, which will provide not only the production of energy, but also adequate ventilation.

Display of terracotta bricks.
Each apartment will consist of 3 containers. The entire structure is offset, which will increase the aesthetic and ergonomic properties of the building. Between the blocks in terracotta, screens will be built to hide the corridors. They also protect the area from direct sunlight

Arrangement of containers in high-rise buildings.
Containers used to build non-subsidized housing and luxury hotels. So, in Las Vegas in the near future you can have a multi-storey sports facility in the containers, which will attend only the cream of society.