Great house with an area only 22 square meters which you can take with you go

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Woody – perfect camper area of ​​just 22 square feet. meter.
Young travel lover built for himself quality but cozy house on wheels. Area home is only 22 square meters. meters, but inside there is everything you need for a comfortable stay of two people.

Mobile house, built a married couple Brian and Joni Buzarde.
A married couple Brian and Joni Buzard (Brian and Joni Buzarde) are wonderful hosted caravans, as they lovefully called Woody. Home really lives up to its name. Outside it is covered with boards of cedar wood, but inside the leafy birch woodwood. In addition, warm look of wood creates additional comfort in the room.

Mobile plot area of ​​only 22 square meters. ietrov.
At 22 square meters the macaroons all that most often resides in an apartment: a functional kitchen bar, a place to rest, a double bed on the second level. In order to use functional space mini fridge equipped with spouses in the floor.

Caravan Woody. Plan.
The value of all buildings and materials for cell houses was 50 thousand dollars. The couple says they intend to stay in the house as long as they are not shown children. In America, a mini-home is experiencing a real boom. But not everyone understands the different "pleasures" in life on wheels. Overview of small housing can help to understand all the pros and cons of caravans without them.

Home Woody wheels. Double.

Woody – a house that you can take on the road.
The total length of the wheelhouse was 8 meters, width 2.6 meters, and the height of the highest point 4.1 meters (these are the maximum dimensions allowed in the US to take special permission).