Guide to buying oval bathroom mirrors

A guide to buy vanity mirrors for your
Bathroom vanity mirror

There is a old saying that, having mirrors in the bathroom helps in making morning rituals easier. Whether that is sensible or not, the fact is many people prefers to choose an oval bathroom mirrors in their restrooms. This may be because Oval mirrors are quite stylish, at the same time very simple. Another concept, in average sized bathrooms, where space is limited, it seems to free up lot of space, on the wall, compared to square or rectangular ones. Specially framed oval mirrors adds extra contrast to the look of a bathroom, giving it an elegance.

But things are not too simple as it seems. Lot of investment goes into building, a cosy and unique bathroom. So couple of things needs to be considered before deciding on the correct Oval bathroom mirror.

Available space:

The first thing to consider is the space that can be allotted for the mirror. The measurements should be taken. Also where to place it? Normally mirrors are alligned with the sink, for convenience. But two mirrors may be placed on each side of the sink, keeping the cabinet in the middle.

Mirrors versus other decorations:

Other than the mirror, there can be a lot of other decorations like wall lamps, medicine and towel cabinets or towel hangers that adores the wall of a bathroom. So there is limited space for the Oval bathroom mirror. So oval mirrors are the best choice as they seem to take up less space. So the mirrors can be placed between the cabinets just above the sink unit. The lights can be placed just above the mirror, making it a perfect focal point of the bathroom. A pair of bamboo shoot pots may be placed above the cabinets, to provide a touch of contrast.

Framed Oval mirrors:

Framed mirrors can increase the elegance for the space, two fold, compared to plain mirrors. This is because, in most of cases, colours used in bathrooms are always light silhouette shades. On such backgrounds, plain mirrors will be lost. On the contrary a dark framed or steel framed mirror can give a definition to the shape of it, thus raising the overall visual effect with a touch of style. One can even decide if the frame should be simple or designer according to the gap in space, available, all around the mirror. Normally a intricately engraved wide frame may need more space all around than a narrow plain frame.