hammock for garden instructions for making

30 DIY Hammock Stand and Hammocks to Build This Summer u2013 Home And Gardening Ideas

How to make a hammock with their own hands, we will tell you below in detailed instructions. You learn to sew both sides hammock size 200h85 cm.

To create a bilateral hammock to testify, we need a number of tools and materials:

How to sew a hammock beautiful – use a pair of contrasting fabrics on both sides.

Pencils on both subjects make the layout in 8.5 cm increments. Padding on both edges should reach 2.5 cm, all should have nine degrees.

In selected points boreholes.

Rectangular fabrics sew loops, hem on each side by half a centimeter.

We continue to answer the question of how to make a hammock with your hands. Because the cutting of the second cloth, in this case, orange, makes workpiece substrates. Along the edges of curves twice, first by one centimeter, then five. Each home half of the print is written separately.

How to sew a hammock is not only convenient, but also beautiful, use the version of the program. From the main fabric, choose a picture, cut out. With the help of "spider web" anchoring application on an orange cloth.

Both harvested leaf tissue and connectors, the inside inward, bend two and a half centimeters at the edges. In the end part with loops, we have an orange ribbon fabric and sewn of wood.

Hammock to give almost ready, it remains to connect bars and fabric base with a rope. Jump through the holes in the wooden bar, then thread in a loop. Furthermore, as you thread the line through the hole in the bar and tissue, the same rope leaves leave no less than one hundred and fifty-five centimeters. Perform work on a flat surface. When all rope loops are laid out, we start to connect them.