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Laurel Hedge

Hedge or border of plants and flower buds nice solution for dizayna.Samy common materials for the sidewalk – stone. It is believed that this natural material is best to allocate the border flower discount or lawn. But more than the original design will be a flowering lawn lively border. In many European countries such sidewalks are very popular, and the most suitable for their facility is considered buxbom. But buxbom is not suitable for the climate in the middle band – he was too termo, in addition, there are many plants that will come well live bordyurchiki. The role of the border can carry many plants, in particular, that their height does not exceed 40 cm, and the width was about half a meter. Under these conditions, the sidewalk will not disturb the plants in the discount will not prevent them light. Low-growing bushes – perfect for living plants bump out.

One of these facilities for boundaries is Spirea. This low bush blooms until mid-July white flowers. It is unpretentious and feels good in all the earth. One of the conditions for good growth Spirea – good lighting. Average is done in the period of the rest of the plant.

In our opinion, the use of spice Vegetables such as mint, oregano or parsley – a good idea. These plants are very well functioning as a living bordyurchika and after trimming unnecessary leaves can immediately go to the kitchen and used for cooking. Pay attention to coins. Different types of it have different colors. For example, peppermint – dark green, sometimes with a red shade and spiked mint – light green, it is suitable for decorating discounts in mild tones. Keep in mind that Mint has the ability to grow strongly. Therefore, first of all put it in individual pots, then their beds dug out. And do not forget to regularly trim.

Be creative, experiment, combine live and stentrotto edges. Surprise yourself and your family diversity!