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Screw piles base cold steel pipes surface corrosion, which have at the end of the blade in the form of a screw. This article will be considered types, advantages and disadvantages of screw piles.

Högar casts monolithic structure (one piece of lace), the life of such a screw base is higher than welded.

At the end of the pile weld type in the form of a cone with welded leaves to it.

The combined piles of pile cone are made by casting, and then by welding the leaves bound to it.

Also pay attention to the diameter, so it is responsible for the carrying capacity of the pile screw. With regard to the construction of the fence, you can use a pipe diameter up to 7.5 cm. If you want to install the construction of heavy materials that do not suit piles 9 cm and more. If a shelf is built the required screw piles with a diameter of 10 to 14 cm.

Fixing screw picks for the ground demand-specific calculations, but the technique is not the hardest to implement. The installation is performed manually or with the help of special equipment. The pipe is placed in the ground and concrete is poured, further establishing the headgear and applied to the entire structure to protect the structure from corrosion.