himself colorist 13 secret ways to professionally combine colors in the interior

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By poluneytralnym are subdued shades of blue and green. They are perfect with almost any other color, and with each other.

Two adjacent shades of the same color – a simple yet effective color combination. For TGO to the interior was not monotonous, do not forget contrasting accents.

Feel free to combine multiple points in the inner concise geometric pattern. Like the palette, you can choose an abstract painting that combines a variety of colors. But this rule can be ignored, and rely solely on its own imagination.

How to combine in the interior of several bright colors? Excessive congestion in design elements will smooth white color, such as trim windows and doors. Incidentally, the white color has the same effect.

A lot of bright pillows – democratic and affordable way to live up any room. When such a tired interior, it is easy to clean or replace it with a more discreet.

Pillows as a color accent are not suitable in any room. They can be replaced with strong light or colored chairs.

By focusing on color combinations, and not forgetting the different textures. For example, stone or brick perfectly fits almost every interior, softening bright color combinations in it.

It is not necessary to combine the warm dark cold bright colors. For example, wine red with gray-blue or white.

If the primary colors in the interior of selected pastel shades of pink, brown, blue or peach, it is recommended to avoid the presence of black color interior parts.

How to combine colors in the interior of different rooms? It is not necessary that colors in all areas coincide. However, we recommend to ensure a smooth color transition between adjacent zones in the house.

When the interior color scheme is defined, it is time to take care of the decoration. For example, making your own hands PVC pipes.