Hoe maak je nog meer ruimte zonder herontwikkeling? 5 effectieve ontwerptechnieken

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How to visually enlarge the bedroom?

Small interior you always want to do more, especially when it comes to the bedroom. How to increase its area without resorting to repair and remodeling? There are some simple techniques that make life easier for owners malogabaritok sometimes will transform a small interior and help create a nice atmosphere in it.

compact bed
The bed occupies almost the standard size of a small room. What to do in this case? Look at the compact model, especially pay attention to the bed on the lanes, beds, dolls or lifting beds. Often the bed is even more favorable than the standard model.

down mess
The biggest enemy a small space-mess. Therefore, we must first get rid of it. Remove what is standing or hanging on the cabinet door or chair. Fold rarely used items in boxes and hide them under the bed. Because the space is partially loosened and looks nice.

nothing superfluous
If there is a battle for the square meters, and it would be desirable to settle in space a sense of space, you have to decide what kind of furniture should really be in a small room. You may have to put one instead of two bedside tables, wardrobe and replace the open mobile wardrobe.

Enough lighting in the bedroom
In a small room there should be enough light sources. A window should hang curtains of light and light textiles to ensure adequate lighting at night, equipped with night lamps near the bed.

The mirror in the interior of a bedroom

The elegant interior of a small bedroom