home containers which you can live with 42 degrees

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House of the containers where you can live with – 42 degrees.
House of containers – not a news. Usually they are located in warmer climate. However, an enthusiast has built a house of containers that can easily survive the winter with temperatures down to – 42 degrees Celsius.

Houses made of containers.
29-year-old Canadian built Joseph Dupuissjälvförsörjande and low-energy houses of the three containers. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Electricity in the home is produced by solar panels located on the roof of the entire area. In addition, like a Canadian note, the biggest bill of all his monthly payments comes for phone calls.

House made of container with oven heating system.
Those who had to do with containers, understand that in the summer it is very hot and in the winter – on the contrary, is not hot. The house is equipped with heating and cooling system. Joseph claims that the building can withstand the hardest frost of the Canadian winter – 42 degrees Celsius. Around the perimeter of the installed underfloor heating (at a constant temperature of 15 degrees), as well as wood burning stove.

House of 3 containers. View from inside.
After two years living in a house made by reservoir Joseph decided to put it for sale. The declared cost for them is 58,000 Canadian dollars plus shipping to anywhere on the North American continent.

House of 3 containers. Interior.
Joseph Dupuis works in college at Joseph DupuisOttawa, as a researcher in the field of renewable energy. His home, he also refers to a great research experiment, because being in it, there is always something to change, will be improved. Right now Canadian plans put a fourth container that will perform the tasks bedroom. Instead, it will make the iron ceiling of glass there, so you can admire the stars.

Canadian craftsmen built a self-sufficient house container.
Joseph believes the need to simplify as much as possible lifestyle. He often carries out training in designing simple homes with energy-saving technology. According to the Canadian s do not need to take out a mortgage, you have to pay almost half of my life, and it is actually building a simple and cheap accommodation. The architectural agency presented its Arcgency variant of a house built of three containers. Construction technology is so simple and efficient that its construction takes very little time.