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Classic Provence Style House in Modern Sweden -
Classic Provence Style House in Modern Sweden

Designers created an interior in the style of a country house in Provence's usual standard layout, a slug changing it depending on the number of people living there and their lifestyle.

According to the standard version of the year, wall-shaped timber built by architects as primary building materials. After the winter, the house that stood in accordance with the drawing of the construction began decorating.

Design of houses in the style of Provence is characterized by Reference: Climate suburbs, where there is a house, and the climate of the French province varies greatly, and the fading colors in the south are hardly suitable in the middle lane, already lacking bright accents.

For registration of a country house in Provence before necessary furniture of this style. But just use it can not be – after all, we do not France. Therefore, some of the furniture – the usual "classic". Some subjects could buy, some had to make order.

The main theme of the decor – a garden full of flowers, where they live in birds of song. Garden bloomed on the wall at the bedside table in the parents' bedroom, near the back of the sofa bed in the room of their daughter. Iris for girls and girls drew Anna Schott, a professional artist. Her watercolors designers moved to the material while retaining their consistency.

Provence house is unthinkable without forging elements. Here are enough – fence balconies and terraces, bedside tables and sofas, the upper part of the doorways – all decorated with elegant wrought-iron tips, made by designer sketches. Together all these elements, because it was transferred to residents of the house in the summer garden.

Birds for design houses in the style of Provence happen to be self-evident: instead of buying finished posters, the responsible architect chose to make them order. In the well-known ornithologist, who is a part-artist, bought paintings with photos of birds, they made a print on specialty watercolor paper and placed under glass in an elegant frame.