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Dead numbers were used for a long period in the construction of housing in the northern regions. At the time of modern building materials challenged natural raw materials, but fashion for environmentally friendly building materials returned to their interest.

Drawing of dead wood as building material, as if the nature itself is intended to build a house. House of the Dead tall, durable and a little sensitive to the impact of time.

Sam dead wood, trees, the root system ceases to work, but the trunk remains in the ground, dead numbers KELO, broken in northern Karelia in places so close to the circle of poles. For buildings, tribes mined age from two hundred to three hundred years.

Before seizure of the land of the pipe, its condition and age estimation in place, after a positive assessment, the tree is carefully pulled out of the ground with all roots.

Often extraction is required for the helicopter due to the difficult terrain to find raw materials. Dead numbers have only about thirty percent of the total forest area in the main production areas – North Karelia and Finland.

Construction of houses from very dead populations, not only in Finland but also in northern Europe, Denmark, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland and North America. His followers of this method will be all in Russia.

The two most important features that make the house of dead numbers from KELO so attractive:

Of the advantages Kelo dead numbers summer materials for the construction of eco-houses, can be called a manual handling of each tribe, no processing plant, which is why the wood is left completely its natural properties.

Add this amazing and unusual aesthetic "Hut", the house of dead figures stand natural and organic shapes. Wood is used in different lengths, color outer walls streaking with a noble gray hair and each building is unique, repeating and building a similar house double, you can not in every detail.