house amphibious housing which you can survive any flood

5 Amphibious Houses Built to Survive the Coming Floods

Amphibian houses – home amphibians.
During season floods many houses, close to watercourses, are subject to floods. The solution to this problem was offered to British architects, drawn at home amphibians. This construction can withstand floods, just rises with water levels.

Architectural projects amphibious homes from the company Baca Architects.
Last year, the architect office Baca Architects completed work on the construction of Amphibious House Amphibious House, located on an island in Buckinghamshire (UK). Under normal conditions, the house, like other residential buildings, is on the foundation. When the flood begins, the structure rises with the water.

Special steel rack, does not allow home "fish out" under floods.
The construction is designed in such a way that the underwater floods can rise with a water level of 2.5 meters. Four rack steel does not allow the house to move aside during the flood.

Amphibian houses – a house that is not afraid of seasonal floods.

Amphibian houses – a house that is not afraid of seasonal floods.
Multi-level terrace in front of the house is designed so that owners know in advance about the changes in the water level in the Thames.

The house amphibians. Interior.

Amphibious house. Living room.
In addition to the specific features of the project at home is not special. It differs from other similar conventional buildings: seat roof, large windows. Amphibian living area is 66.4 square meters. The house has a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms.

Amphibious house. Bedroom.
The construction of amphibian homes will cost customers a quarter more than the cost of traditional homes. Water supply and drainage are also specially designed to operate in poor conditions.

Amphibious house. The principle of raising it home in the water.
On the Thames you can see a lot of houses, not just near the water, on and over the surface. Many believe that the house on the water is a cheaper alternative housing capital.