house from containers great for garden

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Find Your Perfect Garden Room!

Alternatively, land house from the company HonoMobo.
The holiday season has begun, and some, in addition to "favorite" beds, want in their cozy cottage area. However, not everyone can afford to build what he likes. For example, one of the architect office offered its customers buy finished homes, made of containers.

Sea House containers, developed by HonoMobo.
The Canadian company has introduced a series of HonoMobohus of old transport containers. Developers propose not only to use as a stationary house, but also as a cabin in the back yard or an extension to the garage.

Havets Hus the containers of the company HonoMobo.
The company has developed three types of devices with different dimensions. The smallest container house NO2 has an area of ​​32.7 square meters. In addition to the living room, it has a fully equipped bathroom and a functional kitchen. HO3 model The house consists of three interconnected containers and NO4 – 4. The area for the largest of the house is about 60 square meters. meter.

Circuit arrangement in rooms in the HO2 model.

Circuit arrangement in rooms in HO4 model.
House of containers is often used as an excellent option for interrogation. 7 available comfortable homes worth up to $ 2000 will inspire the creation of one of these homes.

Installation options for homes from the containers.
All ordered models already have complete wiring, installed a heat pump and water heater.