house metal caterpillar house chile

Passively-cooled Caterpillar House built from shipping containers
Caterpillar House is located on a hillside just outside Chile's capital city Santiago (Photo:

Located in the municipality of Lo Barnechea, SantiagoChile, this modern house "looks" down on a mountain landscape, opening up the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. House of metal, glass and wood under the name of Caterpillar House was intended for collectors and his family. Its design was primarily aimed at solving two problems: first, integration of houses in this part of the city where the presence of the Andes affects not only visually, but also tectonic and also makes the Andes visible background. Secondly, let the air from the outside to move freely around the house.

By creating an exceptional concept and design, the design strategically integrated area is attached to the house. He arranged the blocks at home as if they were just lying on the hill, joining them all together. So, your own design repeats the slope on the terrain, which extends from the entrance and ends with the children's bedroom. Bedroom, the completion of long space "containers", like this you can do something special, and it took the designer, is an unusual feature window in these rooms. Now we will take a tour of the house and look at the pictures of the inside and outside of the house closer to Caterpillar House.

On the picture, Caterpillar House houses metal in Chile

This photograph emphasizes the geometric form block home.

Simultaneous design and a combination of glass, wood and metal are the most important parts of the house.

The dark brown color palette with accents of silver gives the kitchen a more classic and modern style.

The kitchen is spacious enough, you can move freely, perform household chores.

The outside can be seen from here, climbing up the stairs.

From the second floor, see other parts of the décor, offering comfort and style.

The bedroom shows different lines, shapes and textures.

During the day, the sun's rays easily penetrate the children's bedroom, even with the window closed.

Black and white color scheme along with the glass and newest design make the bathroom much more modern.

One of the best places in the house, where the owner can just sit and relax, watch the beautiful scenery.