house of cargo containers with glass walls

black shipping container home with glass walls

In the hands of talented designers, many items, come out of the goods, can be artwork. But art objects interested to a lesser extent, but the opportunity to get the original, functional and modern housing, made by old cargo containers – relished customers all over the world. At first sight, it may seem that a cargo container can be arranged in addition to a small country house or temporary shelter for a person. But after seeing our amazing collections, featuring exterior and interior design of houses of metal containers with large windows, terraces, porches and other architectural details, it becomes clear that this issue is increasing rapidly and it can become mainstream for the production of affordable, original homes some parts of the world.

The climate on our planet is so varied as to argue the possibility of permanent residence in the houses created from cargo containers with large panoramic windows. But as a country buzzing such structures can be used in many parts of our large planet. More so, using modern building materials, container houses, or vice versa is easy to heat to protect against overheating in hot weather.

With the structure of metal containers In rural areas, in my cabin or in the hinterland, it is important to take care of safety issues and sustainable arrangements – if the building has no reason (and often happens that way), you must install it on the high. Usually used as carriers in reinforced concrete structures, in some cases it is possible to use wooden elements of compact wood.

When you first look at the building, constructed binoculars, it may seem that it is impossible to arrange a full-spring in the home, organically distribute all necessary functional segments into tight spaces. But first of all the containers can be connected to each other, to collect them as a puzzle and create really comfortable from the point of view of the operating room. Thanks to the large windows and glass doors, the space is filled with sunlight and seems visually larger. In addition to panoramic windows help relieve mental problems of being in small spaces. And secondly, to create a comfortable, ergonomic and attractive interior, there are many techniques to help you create a cozy atmosphere, even in small spaces.

Structure can be set on the site of old transport container on a platform of wood. In this case, it is sufficient to arrange the hood to the width of the platform to provide not only a comfortable place to stay, but also a place for outdoor life with protection from the rain.

Another example of a light designContainer-roof house, located on the platform. For metal frame canopy attached sheets are waterproof fabrics, which can be removed in the cold and hot days, they provide shade and cool to everyone in the house and around it. You can relax and dine outdoors in the shade, enjoy views of the surrounding countryside.

Next building, consisting mainly of glass surfaces. A small house on stilts, with a bright orange façade and large windows with incredible comfort inside.

From the cozy atmosphere of glass and metal, it creates the impression of complete unity with nature. The overflow of sunlight and finishing surfaces in bright tones, the use of furniture in pastel colors, with glass and mirror plan – the weight is allowed to create an original, but practical and attractive from an aesthetic point of view, designing the home.

Another small house is Alternatively, where the chandeliers are covered as a container is used, with two walls partially removed. Comfortable and convenient place to relax in the free, protected from sun, rain and other weather disturbances in the treatment of the hosts.

For buildings with two or more levels of cargo holders must attend to the presence of the base. Often in these homes as doorways leave the old wing of the door or upgrade them for better usefulness. But the most common option is to use glass doors to create maximum daylight indoors and visually expand the space.

Inside the two-story structure looks highly respected. With an open plan solution do not place in the same room several functional areas, while the sense of space, freedom of movement and easy to get a picture of the interior maintain.

The original facade composite block, has large glass windows. Reflective surfaces and allow to provide energy-saving internal space that accommodates the maximum amount of sunlight, keeping the heat in the house during the cold season and the heat that flows into the building in the summer.

Many households got into metal-sized metal containers, using a large number of glass surfaces. But this is a practical, beautiful and incredibly spacious building, not only requires protection against ground or platform settlements, but protection from the sun's rays can heat the roof to a high temperature.

Inside, the house looks incredibly spacious-snowy, shiny and glazed visual space scale. In such a comfortable interior are everything – and members of the household and their guests.

The interior of the building is no less interesting than its facade. For example, if the living room is beneath the sky – due to the overflow of glass surfaces creates a sense of weightlessness space, incredible ease.

Depending on the climate conditionsPlacement of the housing of the container, some of the walls can be left without insulation, and in the interior spaces will be visible texture clean freight container. With this method, designers prefer a regular painting corrugated walls to create an interesting, non-trivial image of space.

The combination of white and dark surfaces. Contrasting parts of the interior, creating a dynamic and modern design. And even if it does not matter what material existing frame of the building – metal container, glass, concrete or wood.

The combination of metal, glass and wooden surfaces with facades with prefabricated houses, modular design, makes it possible to create attractive, interesting and at the same time extremely harmonious architectural objects. This house is not exactly the same, mixed with conventional facades of houses on a street in the city, or among the suburbs with buildings.

The inside of the house does not leave a sense of overcrowding – the original décor with all its simplicity makes us not forget that it is in the house and how it is non-trivial design.

The large complex consists of cargo containers connected with glass crossings, balconies, shields that protect from the sun and a comfortable platform at the entrance. Containers of different colors and an abundance of glass surfaces blend in perfectly, creating an interesting, modern and positive image building.