house out shipping containers

1 container guest house

Old transport containers were used as the basis for a residential building, the system is called WFH.

The advantages of this construction technology:

WFH – patented modular building system is based on the principle of using standard modules that make up the structure of the building.

– A first class indoor climate,

– Low power consumption,

– Very short construction time,

– Low cost of construction,

– Suitable for confined spaces, as the containers are manufactured in the factory,

– The structure can be adapted to natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Houses of containers have modern architecture, spacious interior, excellent light conditions, and long-term reliability structures.

The part of the house from transport container180 square meters. Open space on two floors is the heart of the house, combines the living room and kitchen, other rooms have a standard height.

This energy efficient house, solar cell area of ​​20 square meters. Energy efficiency class house of 50% under the standard requirements for new housing construction in Denmark.

House of the sea container with 4 rooms Size 15 square meters (equal to half of the module). Bedrooms can be used for different purposes: parents bedroom, child's work area.