house water prototype a comfortable floating home

Houseboat: a Prototype of Comfortable Floating Home -
Houseboat: a Prototype of Comfortable Floating Home

Floodule – a floating house.
In conjunction with the total deficit in the free space in the metropolitan areas, architects are all offering mastery the water surface of rivers and canals. One of the design companies presented a prototype of such a design, aimed at the location on the water. In her rental house can be located, office or shop space.

The architectural project, developed by the studio Studio has developed a project called houseboat Floodule. Exterior design carries little resemblance to traditional homes, but rather looks like a futuristic hairstyle.

Floodule. One of the walls is made of glass.
The living room is 60 square meter floodmeter. Inside, the house looks like a studio divided into zones. Then there is a kitchen with dining area, living room. The sleeping alcove can be separated the lower blinds. One of the walls of the house is completely in glass.

Floodule – a house on the water.
Floodule can be used in winter. The house has underfloor heating used. A special heated hose does not allow water to freeze.

Floodule. Home and Studio.

Floodule. Bathroom with a futuristic design.
The bathroom is 12 square meters. meter. Its futuristic design resembles images from the film science fiction.

The weight of the house is 15 tonnes, and is lowered to the water end 20 cm. The main building material is an epoxy laminate. The cost of such housing, according to the developers, takes about 1070 dollars per square meter.

Floodule. Kitchen and dining area.
German developer Nautilus Hausboote also specializes in the production of original houses floating. Their collection is nothing less interesting house on the water, where you can live even in the winter.