house with an area only 21 sq meters for which it does not require pay public utilities

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Space to move – a detached house, with an area of ​​21 square meters. meter.
Generally, living in a small house in connection with fainting, messy and discomfort. The owner of this modest but cozy home in a hurry to disprove this opinion and shows its version of a compact detached house that does not have to pay monthly bills.

The house, built by the new zealander Jeff Hobbs.
Nyzeeländaren Jeff Hobbs built a house for itself. Impress to move an area of ​​only 21 square meters, which is 100% independent and virtually not dependent on urban communication. Cabin is standing with the wheels on the trailer and transported to any other place as needed.

The house was built with a view to living in it all year round. In Construction Set 600 watt solar panel and a solar collector designed to heat water. Charging the battery is sufficient for a washing machine, tumble dryer and other appliances.

Space to move. Kitchen.
The kitchen area has a 130-liter refrigerator, sink, stove and oven, cooker hood and above them.The bathroom has a shower and a mulltoa. The beds are located above the head.

Living area of ​​21 square meters. meter.
House Length – 6.7 m, width – 3.2 meters. Composes structural base home insulated panel 62 mm thick. For additional heat in the living room with a small wood stove. Large glass doors passed the maximum amount of natural light. Inside the house has everything you need: a large L-shaped sofa, there is hidden lot of storage space, modular cabinets.

Space to move. Sleeper.
T. k. The house is located on one of the islands in New Zealand, it is likely that the system will collect rainwater to fill capacity of 32,000 liters of water per year. The cost of materials and equipment detached mini houses accounted for 46 thousand dollars. And if we add it to the builder's services, to the total cost of space move us $ 77,000.

Miniature miracle houses are very popular in the West. But in fact, living in single-family homes can really save money – it is doubtful.