how achieve harmony 11 amazing beautiful bathrooms black color

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How to achieve harmony: 11 stunning beautiful bathrooms in black
Absolutely black bathroom may not like, but causes some feelings and give a mindset for her coming. Black decor is bright impression, especially if it takes place in such styles as Chinese, Mediterranean, Steampunk and minimalism. We offer a review of the original decor that will not leave indifferent.

The interior of the bathroom by Daniel Ash Architects

The interior of the bathroom Charmean Neithart Inner

1.In the bathroom, represented by Daniel Ash Architects, black walls positively emphasize the view from the window, which occupies this completely black room, which is reflected in a large mirror. This is a perfect example of how well the balance between the dark and bright part of the interior.

2.When customers want to install the toilet purchased on the internet, the Chinese chinese style designer table designer Charmin Naythart added some basic features to the decor, the design has become an interesting and unique. For example, the walls, it was decided not to paint, and cover with glaze. She would match the overall appearance of glamorous rustic style, in the same spirit that made the design of the house. Designers are invited to combine the black color in the decoration of metal parts, such as gold, silver or copper, as it is a natural and elegant combination.

The interior of the bathroom by Andre Rothblatt Architecture

The interior of the bathroom by Camilla Mölder's Design

Interior bathroom in black colors

5.Traditional fittings and lists behind decor Tribeca home, and this small bathroom. The walls are covered with black lacquered panels and decorated with pictures of dogs that look not only unusual but also fun.

Interior of bathroom LUX Design

The interior of the bathroom from the Orange Coast Interior

7.The toilet in one of the houses in Austin, Texas, is made in Mediterranean style. For the decoration of walls, sinks, mirrors and plumbing designers from the company Ryan Street, they chose contrasting colors and textures to create a suitable atmosphere of Spartan duck. It should be noted that the ashtic type of concrete washes perfectly with richly decorated mirror frame. Combining paved walls and black metal elements creates intrigue.

The interior of the bathroom Ryan Street & Associates

8.Landing black door with glass handle anticipates what can be expected in this exquisite toilet. The design team from the Orange Coast interior decoration company for the decoration of the walls adopted a dress fitting with Damascus's pattern. (This is the decor looking good in a small dressing room). Overview of the complementary glass lamps, a large mirror and an elegant top in gray marble.

9. In the heart of the minimalist design of this bath is a sharp contrast in black and white. Designers wanted to balance white ceilings and floors, the height of the walls using contrast and elements such as traditional plumbing and shelving open plan solutions.

Interior bathroom in black colors

10.This bathroom is in the wind type apartment belongs to the artist and furniture designer Luc Serzheri from Montreal. The combination of minimalism and black background makes it possible to refine the design and say that the art – is a feeling without desire, it is a statement and is lined with white tiles on the wall of the room.

The interior of the bathroom by Esther Hershcovich

11.The use of black paint in the interior allows profitable play with proportions. Designers of the company's T01 Architecture & Interior decorated the lower part of the walls of the toilet tile with graphic designs, focusing on the necessary parts, which allows you to balance the size of the room and height of the walls. The room looks exciting and totally beautiful.