how choose living room furniture 9 helpful recommendations

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How to choose furniture for the living room: 9 useful recommendations

How to achieve a nice and cozy atmosphere room? What furniture to choose and how to properly position? We have compiled a memo that you want to investigate who will update the interior of the living room or room completes the repair.

Pre-labeling will determine how many furniture
To make it easier to decide in which order, what items are required in the living room, you should take a sheet of checked paper and draw it in a variety of alternative planes. At this stage of the number of pre-thought-out décor.

First measure the room
First measure the room, taking into account all forecasts, width of sockets and lists, if any. This has to be done from the beginning so you do not have to buy furniture that is definitely not combined with the configuration of the room.

It is important to measure the door of all the furniture that has arisen
This advice may seem ridiculous, but it really means all the furniture can be taken apart, so it's important to buy items that easily fit through the door. In addition, this simple measure will prevent damage to the opening when making furniture.

Very small lounge
When there is a representation of what furniture will be present in the room and understand what they are about size, you must make certain selections. This will require the usual newspapers, which can be expanded in places where there will be a sofa, chairs and shelves. So you can see what size furniture should be comfortable and whether planned.

Multifunctional Coffee Table
The small space is not always the ability to deliver a large amount of furniture. so you only need to pay attention to the multifunctional interior, for example, a coffee table, where you can only store books.

It is important not to overload the space of furniture
It's important not to make a small space yet mernoga. For a small living room is to choose compact variants that perform multiple functions. In addition, it should be a bit like the decor.

Win everyone sees the entire headset, chosen in the same style. This can be a sofa and several chairs of the same color. Interior should be combined not only shadow but a style. The rustic wood furniture is suitable for high-tech style looks good with glass and metal furniture, Scandinavian and modern style will be a perfect look of plastic furniture, metal and wood and textile items.

Living in a modern style
There are 7 more functional ideas for the living room, which should be noted!