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traditional living room with yellow accents and painting

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Blue and brown in the interior

Combinations of blue and brown shades are inherent in nature – the sky and the trees, the sea and the mountains, the earth and the blue flowers on it. The ensemble of these colors is considered to be one of the most harmonious and beneficial clothes, make-up, interior. How to combine them properly and how to apply the interior?

Fresh turquoise shades blend well with wood

Sand blue interior

Brown and blue in the interior of the living room

Blue ceilings are combined with a wooden floor

A refreshing color combination in the interior

Light interior bathroom

Blue and brown in the interior of a bedroom
It is interesting that these colors will be updated inside of the summer, and in winter will remind the sea and the sun. It is universal for year-round usage. Creating space in healthy notes should refer to the bidding combinations. For example, use of sky blue as the main color, add their nice shades of light wood, clay or sand. Or just do the opposite, changing color schemes places. In either case, the effect becomes positive.

The noble combination of blue and brown
Make inner of the solid material and presentable deep shades of brown and blue. Most of all such combinations are suitable in the living room, office and library. If blue velvet will be used on walls, the room should not be restricted by a small area. This color-like space. Partner noble blue in the interior will make furniture chocolate shades, ottomans and chairs made of real leather, velvet pillows.

Deep Blue in the interior of a bedroom

Brown and blue in the interior of the living room

Blue in the bathroom

Noble Blue in the interior of the library is complemented with furniture from natural leather and wood

Noble shades in the interior

Brown and blue decor

Classical-style living room
Loft-like game of contrasts appropriate. For example, decorative blue pillows will perfectly melt with the brown leather sofa and these bare brick walls.

Living in Scandinavian style

Mostly harmonious blue and brown colors apply for registration of the living room, although it is considered harmonious in each room. Here you create an incredibly cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It seems on the quiet owners.

The elegant interior is complemented with velvet cushions

Blue decorative pillows look good on a leather sofa
Kitchen and dining room brown – a frequent visitor, but the blue is able to suppress the feeling of hunger, as this is used fragmentally as accents.

Shades of blue and brown in the interior of a bedroom

Dimmed Blue supplemented noble brown

turquoise stains

The blue walls in the bedroom
As additional colors that fit well together with brown and blue, you can use a variety of white, orange and green.

Blue and brown interior can be supplemented with orange accessories

Interesting blend of brown, turquoise and ocher
With color, you can sometimes even increase space. For example, Brazilian designers have managed to expand the walls malogabaritki, 30 square meters without remodeling and make it cozy.