how create light spring atmosphere in interior just 5 steps

How to light your home - lighting tips from an interior designer

New ideas for interior

In the spring, so eager for positive change. One way to make a difference – to change the interior in such a way that it has left our self. How to make the apartment a simple, laid back and pleasant atmosphere, while visually enlarging the space?

For the interior of spring we can choose one of the romantic style

The vintage style furniture

relaxed style
Feathers actually include such styles as vintage, Provence and shabby-chic. They are something like each other, they are light, relaxed and romantic. They can certainly be mixed together or just add small tips to some of the styles. There are textiles and dishes with the image of small flowers of pink, purple and blue shades. Not superfluous and would be objects such as an antique or vintage furniture, untreated wood photo frames, lace.

Bright colors for the spring interior
Spring is considered the perfect time to upgrade. Interior color schemes. During this period of time, choosing bright pastel colors, which will be adapted to give a positive and good mood. In addition, light pink, peach, purple, green, blue and purple shades work well on the visual extension of the space, so that extra they just do not. They can be administered locally in furniture and furnishings or with decorative delicate pillows, textiles and accessories.

Dining in a bright romantic style

Suitable colors for the spring interior

More light in the interior

Stylish decor
To the interior saw cozy and attractive idess design is to put a piece of soul and care. The house is all should be flooded with love hosts, or really genuine cozy decor will not work, no matter what the designer or decorator is not set to work.

Elegant bright kitchen
To update the interior, do not necessarily repair or replace the furniture. There are many ways to change the space for better using the furnishings. We found the most beautiful options affordable to everyone!