how cure interior from mold causes fungi and methods combating them


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How can you handle mold?

Mold not only ruin the decor. It is one of the main agents that cause various allergies, especially in young children. How to protect your apartment from the appearance of mushrooms and fight with existing black or green spots? In our review of the most effective ways to fight diseases apartments.

Wood in shape

White sponges can destroy the wood surface during the last month
• Press forms. They are the most common in the apartments. They can be displayed on the painted surfaces, stone and concrete. This shape can be of different colors – green, blue, black, gray and brown.

The most common plants in the corners of the mold
The form is divided into several types: • Mushrooms decay. They only infect wood and come in three types – white, brown, and bacteria. The first is considered worst for the last month and a tree can destroy the wood structure or surface. From bacterial molds, wood darkens or becomes gray, loses an attractive appearance and becomes overdue. In case of infection of brown moldy wood cracks.

Brown mold in the bathroom
• Mushrooms blue. They are distributed on wooden surfaces, with color can penetrate the surface. This work gets a gray-blue color and loses its moisture-resistant properties. This is especially true for numbers.

More than all suffer from mold numbers

The most common form spreads in the corner rooms, on ceilings and walls. She does not spare any furniture, so it's good to check breeding cabinets, dressings, armchairs and sofas for the presence of fungi. Attention should be paid, and things of prevention are worth once a month a slight change in the wardrobe and ventilate it.

Mold not only destroys the interior, but also causes allergies

In the first place, it will have to remove as much as possible pores in the mold from the wall or ceiling. Furthermore, the surface must be treated with antiseptic primer, white or titanium dioxide pigments. The latter by the way is one of the most effective way. They corrode pore fungi and prevent their appearance. Only after completely drying the treated surface is it possible to paint, hang the wallpaper or clean it.

From mold, White saved

Just can not paint over mold

Also help to prevent the appearance of mold constant ventilation, the organization is well ventilated, insulation of walls, ceiling and restoration of interpanal bandages, weathering clothes and interior decoration.

Important do not forget gloves, goggles and nose, fight with mold
It's not always mold makes people uncomfortable. For example, a few enjoy it and pay for a lot of money.