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The apartment is 51 square meters

What to do if the apartment is in the wind? How to make it a real treat and turn the disadvantages of benefits? To find out, take a look at a real example.

The apartment loft
The apartment in question is in the house1905 construction. There are still preserved original beams that were not painted over, and treated with a special solution that emphasized its beauty and originality. These beams served as a starting point for determining the style of the interior. The reason for low Scandinavian style and the addition of steel elements in industrial silk.

living room

Elegant geometric lamp
The kitchen in this apartment takes up very little space and has a nice design. It is made in a minimalist style, so as not to take a lot of attention.

Laconic interior of the kitchen

The interior of the dining room
Because sloping walls do not cause sensation density, white color was chosen for space. Also for the harmonization of the general interior painting in the dining room established geometric lamp, and on the opposite wall posters are placed in rectangular and square frames.

Kitchen Scandinavian style
This apartment was originally odnushka, but the owner's apartment would have a secluded bedroom. Therefore, Alexander White designer who studied furnishings proposed to separate the bulk of the room with glass walls. For them, he has created a very cozy bedroom where to put a small home office.

zone division element

Interior small bedroom

The view from the bedroom to the interior
Items placed in a separate dressing room, used to be a regular pantry. It also appeared in bright colors, equipped with good lighting, hangers, a mirror and a shelf hidden behind sliding doors. So the wardrobe decor was more concise.

Interior small bathroom

As you can see, place your windshield altogether hard. The most important thing is not to overload it with color, choose a brief furniture and decor, which visually will make the interior more proportionate. We found many more examples of how to fix the wind. They are worth a look!