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New kitchen interior

New Year to decorate not only trees, but also the interior completely. Mostly, all the decoration in the living room and makes the hall where all the decor will be able to appreciate the visit, but the food often remains unaddressed. And this is where the hostess spends most of the time, and especially in front of a party dinner. Therefore, we decided to consider options for the interior of the room where and found a lot of interesting ideas.

Nice and clean

First you have to clean the mess in the kitchen
The need to take care first and foremost order in the kitchen. Wipe the glass on the windowsill, facades of cabinets and appliances, and granite. Sip spider mesh from the ceiling and corners, wash the curtains and towels. Do not forget to clean the plate, oven and sink. When restoring the arrangement in the kitchen, you can include Christmas singers that will lift your mood and make the cleaning process enjoyable.

vacation dishes
Swear orders immediately to get rid of common dishes that have cracks and scratches. Nice and nice dishes are not necessary to hide, it is quite appropriate for the decorate space. It can be put on open shelves, in a buffet or a peg, to complement it with twigs of spruce or Christmas decorations. This will create a Christmas atmosphere in the interior. If you can, then you can buy a solemn dinner service or a set of dishes, which actually decorate and new year's table.

Laconic Christmas decorations

Interesting design window for the new year

The original gingerbread house

Kitchen decoration lets you think of your own New Year's composition, with the means at hand. For example, to make a candlestick of grater for vegetables or a wreath of shapes for cakes. Such a decoration looks calm and very soulful. And yet we should not forget towels with Christmas scenes, winter branches with red berries, fruits and gingerbread cookies. All of these factors can create a magical atmosphere!

Original Kitchen New Year Kitchen Solutions

Interesting ideas for Christmas decorations
We have found 10 more ideas for Christmas candle holders. Making them is easy, and inside, they look spectacular!