how decorate small bathroom real example to and after


Conversion of a small bathroom

Being in the dark, cramped and uncomfortable bathroom frustration and sometimes the most unpleasant emotions. But this can be avoided if properly formalize a small space. The most homely little room can be transformed so that it will be nice to relax and rest, take a warm bath.

To make bath designs chose white and blue
Emily loves bright and clean shades, so decorating a small bathroom she chose blue and white. Additionally, such an interval facilitates and expands the space visually as if filling it with air. Blue nuances also refer to nautical themes, supported and scaly shaped by ceramic tiles.

Repair of the bathroom went 3 months
When a designer Emily Henderson (Emily Henderson) bought a small house in the country, I immediately decided to primarily be involved in the transformation of a small bathroom. She thinks that if in the bathroom there is a harmonious atmosphere, do not relax work in this room. As a result, the owner of a dark and gloomy room will suffer from a bad mood.

Bathroom before renovation

Bathroom after renovation

This color scheme is visually expanding the space

As decorative elements, brass accessories, lighting and accessories. Make some inner Emily trying to make the retro element, in this case, it is possible thanks to brass, mirror shape and design lighting.

Each element is enrolled in the inner laconic, because of what happened space harmoniously and elegantly. It feels soft feminine character and handwriting the designer.

• Glossy tiles are suitable for decorating rooms, which are mostly lacking light. Light that falls on the glazed surface, reflects and multiplies. • Blue shade moves visually as the wall in the interior and creates a sense of purity. • To visually lift the ceiling, designer fixtures are installed high enough. So it seems like the ceiling is even higher. • Family pictures and small pictures on the walls make the interior more comfortable and interesting. • In a small bath, better install the hinged cabinet, make a monolithic furniture. This will visually make the space of light and air.

What makes the interior cozy
We found 5 more innovative thinking for a small bathroom. They will be useful to those who started the mess!