how decorate small kitchen 6 square meters bucharest

How to make a small kitchen 6 square
How to make a small kitchen 6 square meters in Bucharest

Small kitchen: 6 square meters

Kitchen in Khrushchev is not characterized by a large area. This fact has led many to think about how to fit the small room quite a dimensional refrigerator, full stove with oven, storage, cleaning and anything else you need for cooking and dishes. We found a good example of how to do it in a cost-effective manner, thus visually expanding the space and making it functional.

Comfortable layout small kitchen
Comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen is direct from harmonic layout. In this room, we decided to hand out all the furniture and equipment along the walls. Technically, it was possible to move the shell to the windowsill abandoned in favor of additional freezer cabinets to store tools.

Small kitchen in a modern style
The small kitchen is located in one of the demalogabaritok Bucharest. By planning, they are very similar to Khrushchev, even in the kitchen there is an average of 4-6 square meters. The owners of the apartment are a young couple who lead an active lifestyle. They want their kitchen to be bright and airy. In order to realize his wishes wife invited Salish the designer Manuel (Manuel Saliche). He immediately explained which will pull the kitchen into a modern style. This choice led to the space dynamic and functional.

Laconic placement of furniture in a small kitchen
On one side of the window, traditional gas cooker with oven, next to her, made a comfortable working panel, and put her in a refrigerator (which took one of the corners). Some of the dishes and extracts hidden in hanging cupboards, which are very fitting in a small space kitchen.

Fridge took place in one of the corners
Another wall has taken a long bench that serves as a dining area. Due to the fact that the articulated or deep structure, looks very bright and spacious interior.

With color dye holders and the designer decidedly. They wanted to create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, but it is visually expanding it. Fresh space is handled by spring green shades, and warm ivory and of real wood in the interior of the notes comfort.

In the little kitchen simply can not be non-visual tricks. And Salish Manuel (Manuel Saliche) certainly took advantage of some interesting technicians. First of all, I chose a bright color scheme, furniture and neutral shades. Secondly, I use a shiny plaque for walls and shiny facades for kitchen cabinets. The third trick – mounted furniture that plays on the simple perception of the interior.

The organization of space in a small kitchen
As you can see, even from a 6 square meter can be screwed up and turn small room into a big room, where it will always be a good time. And it can be done too little money. How accurate? We have collected 5 and 15 practical ideas illustrative examples that will contribute to this issue.