how decorate small kitchen three charming examples which are worth looking

The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Your
Small kitchen

How to make a small kitchen?

How to make an interior cozy and small kitchen-friendly, well-organized storage system and holds dining space? There are several ways to implement the plan. We considered three successful examples of how to use simple tricks you can change the interior of the kitchen.

Floral wallpaper in the kitchen
In the area of ​​laundry, plates and workplace wallpaper protect the glass panel that prevents drops of water and grease in the wallpaper.

Spring kitchen fittings
The first kitchen, which attracted our attention, made our atmosphere. This effect was due to the fact that the white color scheme was diluted with a delicate floral design. This type of finish rarely found in the kitchen, many people prefer to paint the walls only, or share them with tiles. But this kitchen chose waterproof washable wallpaper that perfectly tolerates changes in temperature and moisture.

The elegant interior of a small kitchen
The kitchen is in an eclectic style. It was mixed in a rustic Scandinavian direction, and they are all harmoniously intertwined. Classic in perfect side by side with concrete countertops, table and chairs in rustic style, and emphasis on the Scandinavian window without curtains makes the space easier and visually more.

Unusual to see such concrete kitchen countertops


Small and very cozy kitchen

Lakonic solutions for a small kitchen

Stylish and elegant kitchen interior

elegant sink

Part of the exposed walls for decorative purposes
The kitchen is decorated in Scandinavian style with a hint of vintage. There is old-fashioned fireplace, bare and brick wall, reminiscent of age of the house, furniture and lighting also support the retro theme.

The third kitchen, which is worth the attention of warm feelings. Her design comfortable and practical at the same time. Small space does not become an obstacle to the luxurious furnishings of one of the walls with wallpaper. Because she became accent about her arranged dining area. Kitchen cabinet, stove, sink and workplace are assembled by the wall opposite the window.

Hide all kitchen utensils because of non-standard cabinets and their location along the wall. Countertops were made of black granite that has entered the space a touch of elegance. The kitchen turned out to be restful, elegant and romantic.

small kitchen

Laconic decor

Accent the wall in the kitchen

spacious lockers

Simple and elegant