how do four with your hands


Games flame always fascinates, relaxing and comforting in conjunction with the soft light of the flame. Doing an outdoor fireplace with your hands is not difficult, using instructions to make all concerned people have their own fireplace, which can be put on the street or in the gazebo.

Silicone glue sizing glass wall, to get a box without bottom and top. As featured in the picture, we coat the trail and put another glass wall at ninety degrees, press, hold seconds before pour.

Then we leave the design to dry completely, best of all, if there is additional support for the structure. After drying continue to fire up with their own hands and move on to the second step.

Apply glue on the edges of two opposing glass, a thin strip. We put this side of iron base and give dry. After drying, silicone can be neatly cut off the excess with a knife.

To create a hardener and fireplace make your hands full, take a prepared metal mesh, there may be a grill on the grill. Trim the edges on the size of the bottom of the structure.

At the bottom of the appliance with a liquid fire for fireplaces (do not immediately pour a lot of liquid). Top set of grids. As a result, the lower one has closed bars.

At the bottom of the network the technology was shingles. It should be evenly seated on the underside, near the grid visually, while the openings for the acid.

Outdoors eat with your hands ready, put fire on it and enjoy the fire. To set it on fire, the area for just over a vessel and fire on a long stick, well suited to match the fireplace.