how do interior bright bathroom 5 bold experiments and 15 cool examples

Maybe this is the year you plan to transform your ho hum bath into an everyday oasis. Or perhaps you're still simply dreaming of your someday sanctuary.

Bold experiment in the bathroom

Often the bathroom is decorated in white or blue. But its interior looks more interesting, if you add bright accents to it. How to work with a certain color, which shade provides benefits and hide defects? We decided to figure it out!

The red color in the interior of a bathroom
The color of passion in the interior of the bathroom is used wisely. He is an active and overwhelming, part of it can seem exciting and even annoying. But it can be used to create interesting effects in space. Red goes well with wood texture, with black and shiny surfaces.

The orange color in the interior bathroom
Orange associated with mandarins and orange, bright, and he always gives good feelings. Since shades are active, they must be used in small amounts. For example, orange is possible to issue one of the walls, and the remaining space remains in neutral colors. Sometimes it even an orange towels sprawl the interior and make it positive notes.

Red ceiling in the bathroom

Yellow interior bathroom
This color is especially important in cold weather, when the landscape outside the window is gray and monotonous. Yellow is equally good for both large and small rooms. Only for small spaces must still stay on pastel colors and bright sun. Use yellow better in combination with white or gray, as well as accents are ideal multicolored towels and accessories.

Dark and rich shades of green are good spacious bathrooms in retro or rustic styles. But light variations are ideal for small spaces. Green has good effects on the human psyche and creates a sense of comfort in the interior.

Of course, the most relevant to the bathroom colorqua and azure sky. They always update the interior, need cleanliness and order. In addition, the cool colors are always working on the expansion of visual space. So we can safely use them without worrying that the bathroom would be visually smaller.

blue bathroom

Blue bathroom furnishings
We have found 10 more successful color combinations, which are also used in the bathroom. They are so good that he does not want them to look away