how make apartment cozier and more 5 practical tips and illustrative examples 15

23 Clever Design Ideas to Turn a House into a Dream Home

How to make the apartment more comfortable: 5 practical tips and 15 illustrative examples

Almost every owner dreams of malogabaritkiatt expanding living space, but funding is not always possible to change that flat. Therefore, it is necessary to seek alternative solutions. We found a number of effective solutions to help visually expand a small area of ​​the apartments, while maintaining comfort in the space.

We have to leave the maximum daylight to the interior

Light curtains for a small interior

Add natural light
The first thing to do – to remove heavy-duty curtains and get rid of the dark dark textiles. The small interior should be a very natural light, so you should choose a fabric light fly for curtains, blinds to show or even to do with some curtains on windows (like many Scandinavian designers). In the summer you can choose transparent tulle, which will help create a nice intimate atmosphere.

Arrange original storage system
The little inner need to be fyndigahela. When you can not put a full wardrobe in the bedroom or a bookcase in the living room, it is necessary to pay attention to the original decision. For example, to store things under the bed, and a book weight in braided baskets that look in the interior is very interesting.

The elegant basket where you can store whatever you want

corner wash basin

corner shelves

The compact furniture for small interior

Functional Storage System

To make the room more proportional, You can use wall decorations in the form of a poster or tavelramar square shape. To make the space required perspective picture with panoramic plots. But to visually give the room a few square meters, it is advisable to put a floor in the room mirror.

Wall decorations can change the space

Nice and bright!

Floor mirrors increase visual space
There are more techniques for making the interior more. We found 7 really cool examples of how the mirror can change the space.