how make cushion donut felt

This tutorial will show you how to create
This tutorial will show you how to create this cute doughnut pin cushion from felt. | crafts~donuts | Pinterest | Pin cushions, Sewing and Felt crafts

Beautiful, bright, comfortable and delicious looking donut pillow can be made independently of each other, or together with the kids – a process similar to an exciting game, but the result will delight both children and adults.

Take a meter of felt, fold the face inline, and with a pen mark the two circles – big and small in the big one. On the outside of the big circle and the inside of the little one, add half a centimeter (replacement for seams), and then cut that part.

Munk of blanket will be "glazed", then fraros and cut a circle – same diameter as beige. Then mark the uneven line of "glaze", a little support from the outer edge of the big circle, and cut it in this line.

Multicolored "posypku" make of the purple colored fabrics. Cut small stripes or squares or circles and attach to "glaze" layer with the help of pins. You can also thank "posypku". A layer of "glaze" attached pin or namitka with "face" of society felt beige.

Now pick a monk pillow: sew the machine all the pieces together – powder for "glaze" and "cream" – on one side of the future pillow (front!).

We take out the threaded thread, remove the pins and load two beige circles upwards. Carefully sew the machine to sew zigzag (or manually obmetochnym seam). We reserve the 10 cm seam not sewn.

Through this no zastrochenny seam segment fills the pillow filled monk made of felt and then sew the seam together to the end. Our pillow is ready!