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Modern Home in Brazil Exudes Elegance with Stylish
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How to Make a Stylish Interior: A Real Example in Brazil

When it comes to repairing the apartment, you just want to just refresh the space and make it elegant and attractive. In order to achieve the desired result, you must know some design secrets! We decided to open them and see a real example is very elegant and laconic interior.

The cozy living room
The apartment, which will be discussed, is in Brazil, reaches its area of ​​†<†<70 square meters. This is enough for a full life, and the location of all the necessary areas. Living here is not from a spacious, but not crowded, as they say, the golden middle ground. Furniture is arranged in a U-shaped manner, ie near the walls, relieving the central part. To balance colors in the interior of the living room to involve slate, gray, white and brown shades. The book does not overload the wall surface look harmonious because of the fact that the cells in large enough, they give a sense of volume.

The snowy kitchen
White kitchen always looks spectacular, is what style it is framed. Balance abundance of colors can be colored by the presence of the interior (in this case the yellow pots), as well as colored floor tiles. The Brazilians love bright colors, traditional for them are green, yellow, red shades, which can be seen in the interior.

Laconic dining
Table identified a large lamp, but we do not need to devote more. But here we put quite colorful metal tables with concrete countertops. This choice is motivated for warm Brazil.

awesome kitchen

Beautiful and useful gizmos

Nice bedroom
Maximally simple and concise – so you can characterize the interior of the bedroom. Then use a minimum of furniture – bed, bedside table and some hidden wardrobe, which is almost invisible in this space. In order to make an elegant bedroom, the walls of wood tile clocked hexagonal shape. This technique has put some dynamism and diluted monotony. In order to visually increase space, a mirror that provides dynamic space is used.

light bath
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