how make mural plants

Custom Hand Painted Wall Murals by Eelna

Decorate the inside, making it unusual force almost everyone. You do not have to go to the decor for the house, the usual accessories or look cheap or lower their triviality. Unusual and interesting artifacts are often copyrighted, and the value of their production is not always justified. You can create something unusual, beautiful and modern with your own hands. A good option for realization – panels from plants. Make a composition of dry plants to decorate the wall quite easily, see for yourself.

For the basics of the most suitable paper for watercolor. In this document, good to go to the color, the sheet stays flat and even. The composition of dried plants should be placed on pre-primed mini leaf. So we put on sleeping mats, do not forget to podstelit paper or tape on the desktop. Wide brush put on a sheet of dense layer of acrylic paint. The color applies monotonous movements from top to bottom. We apply an excellent coating to all sheets.

We need:

After coloring on all the small plates, dry, apply the adhesive to the back of the sheet and, in turn, is glued to the main work surface. The main workspace also wants you to paint in any suitable color.

The example in the image is used by its bottom panels of each facility, you can register in any suitable way.

When the plant is ready the panel and all the grasses on the ground, apply paint dry plants, the paint will protect the composition from dust and scratches.

You still combine all the small plates on a common ground, in the pasta composition of the frame and decorate one of the walls of the house an authentic d├ęcor.