how make room perfect without major repair visual tricks and design techniques

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom | Better
Small Master Bedroom

Design tweaks to correct flawed space
How to visually correct the irregularities of the walls, extend or raise the space bar without resorting to global remodeling or repair? It's no secret that many of the houses and apartments can not boast ideal facilities where everyone is satisfied. There will always be some shortcomings. We have prepared some tips for those who want to make their place comfortable and beautiful.

Small bathroom seems to be more because of mirrored walls, white walls and an emphasis on the unusual floor
First, a small space can be increased to the expense of correctly selected colors. The best option – a pleasant light shade (white, beige, light copper-pink). It is worth noting the blue and light green. They act as an optical illusion and press the wall. The same goes for the gray shades of deep blue and even black if you use any of these colors to accent the wall.

Also do not forget about good lighting. It is necessary to try to leave as much daylight in a small room. Do not be superfluous here and LED backlighting, built-in lights and chandeliers with soft spreading lights.

Second degree of small space – shiny, glass and mirrored surfaces. They can create an illusion of a spacious and airspace.

In a small room should be a very bright

Horizontal bands expand the space
The above techniques and tips will also be varaoch suitable in a narrow space. But it is worth emphasizing the bright colors of the aftertaste. It is worth noting your wallpaper with horizontal stripes, which can visually be like shooting on the wall. To set room dynamics and distract attention from mistakes, you can choose the narrow and bright stripes.

Decorating the room is desirable to restrict posters or images in square frames

Contrasting black and white stripes enter the trend in the narrow space

The wallpaper, which passes from the wall to the ceiling and visually raises its
It works well in a room with low ceilings on the ceiling. It creates a sense of ease and comfort, is associated with clear skies and fresh air. Plus, blue, turquoise and green colors tend to be visually printed on the wall or in the ceiling.

The blue roof looks elegant
Also, the problem with low-level rooms can help with shiny or reflected roofs. Another technique – to decorate roofing lists or lists, thus creating the illusion of extra volume.

The tool for correcting flaws becomes and furniture. We have to choose the narrow shelves or cabinets oblong. Often, the role of regulating device can act as a chair or chair with extended backrest.

Diamonds excellent camouflage uneven walls
When room wall curves or corners, the wallpaper just does not just accentuate flaws space. In this case, the best of them refuses. One of the best ways to conceal the wall – decorate it with decorative plaster. Also, the problem will handle the wallpaper with an interesting pattern, for example, with flower prints. If the room is spacious, you can use the wallpaper with a large pattern, in a small room it is advisable to use a small pattern.

But if the repair is not possible to participate in, or want to handle the problem of posters, pictures with an interesting picture, volume and avant-garde paintings, wooden ornaments, wallpapers. Also good assistants with irregularities of the walls will be vinyl stickers and paint stencils.

With a rough wall, the wallpaper is ready with high pressure

Curved walls can decorate vintage boards, it looks very elegant

Stencil is also useful if you want to hide uneven wall

If the room lacks the natural light, it contains need to think of good lighting scenarios. Mark the ceiling, shelves and furniture, embed ceiling or floor lighting, which is on a wall shade, on tables and shelves – table lamps. In this room there should be no shortage of light.

To make a place should be in bright colors, such as beige or silver. You can make a light accent in the chair, couch, wall decor or bedside table.

In a room without windows need to maximize space, clean rooms unnecessary furniture.

Bedroom windows play the role of mirrors and illuminated transparent door closures above the bed
Do not forget about the fake windows. They can really change a place where there are no real windows.