how make shelf invisible from book with their hands

DIY invisible bookshelf - Handyman tips
DIY invisible bookshelf cover

Old books They have in every home. And throw a sin – and nowhere to put. We offer you an interesting idea: to make a shelf with books with your hands. Things that keep your hands warm, always serve to decorate the house and will make a special listing inside, in addition, you will be sure that exactly the same shelf nobody has.

Such a shelf like a book can be a stand for vases, pictures framed, or even presenting a bookcase for its "smaller" brothers, for example, will look very nice on its collection of books, thumbnails.

If you have beautiful, well-published book, it can be used quite interesting to read to create a shelf that looks like a book hanging in the air near the wall. If this book is large, the shelf can be used as a book, a small one – like a tripod for a photograph or some decorative ornaments.

To make a shelf in the form of a book, you need:

Important: Choose to create a shelf with books, and the thickest of the thick book available. Keep in mind that too much load on a shelf can not be given.

To make a solid shelf with books with your hands, you must: