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38 Flower Pot Crafts

Flower pot with their own hands

Living plants – the best spring decorative room not only adorns space, but also transforms it, and a positive effect on the health of the household. Like nice fit potted plants in the interior and turn them into nice things that will always be appealing to the eye?

Stylish decor
Today is a very popular handmade product, and this applies not only to jewelry and clothing, and household items. These include and flower pots. Yes, it's not hard to find a beautiful "house" for a pot plant, but it looks much better than an accessory, made its own. In addition, it's not hard, and even fun!

step one
The first thing you need to warm up in the hands of polymer clay, for this it is possible that something mosses. Then you can roll it by means of a slice to a condition of the flat pancake, about 5-7 mm thick.

Material for the production of the pot
Creating a beautiful floral color requires some materials: • Bake white polymer clay (or any other color); • 48 metallic office buttons; • Peel; • Knife.

step two
After the pancake is ready, you have to cut it into four pieces and shape them into three equal squares and a lump triangle. In the triangle, make a hole for drainage and avoid stagnant water in a saucepan.

step three
Now on the sides of the triangle must install the sides of the pot, which performs the role of squares. Do all you need to carefully and conduct connect better with your fingers, which equalize them. The front seams must be invisible, so they need a good disguise.

rose four
Now, as a basis for pottenredo, we just need to decorate carefully. To do this, it is best to use metal stick pins, especially if they are gold or silver. This interior looks very impressive and elegant. On one side will need about 16 buttons that must be spread on the square shape.

Nice pot ready!

He looks very briefly in the interior
When the pot hardens, it can plant growth plant, put it on the desk, window frame or fireplace and enjoy the elegant decor element! By the way, we made a selection of 23 creative flower pots that make the interior a real spring and original. There you look!