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Everyone who decides how to keep shoes and most cases, when you change the season a box gets the middle floor while others are sent to them. Get, dry the dust, to find the right pair – all this takes time and effort.

It is much better to organize storage boots, shoes, sandals, so that they were always on hand and do not require constant attention. Designers pay a lot of attention to the questions about storage and they can spy a lot of interesting ideas for shoe storage.

Mezzanine – far and high. It's better to buy or order the special shoe cabinets – it happens a little, but all the shoes are and do not have to waste time looking for a suitable couple.

Sometimes space for the cabinet can not be – how to keep shoes in such a case? Try to hang a short distance from the floor narrow shelf and place the shoes on them.

For sale, you can find a special compact rack for shoes – the place it occupies very little, and is placed in a lot of pairs.

The traditional solution – an ottoman, sits where you can change the shoes. Throwing back the lid, it is possible to remove unnecessary shoes.

You can hang as an organizer in the interior of the cabinet door. It is especially convenient to store slippers and shoes without a heel.

Where there is little room for stationary furniture, decided to use the organizers. They are suitable for storing shoes, if you put them on the wall of the entrance.

Special inconveniences are delivered in storage boots. Fold them not recommended, stacked box "full length" boots takes up a lot of space. A solution to the problem – attach the boots to the grid.

If there is a small area in the entry-level room, closet, or just a niche, one of the best ideas for shoe storage – make it a "shoe room". A niche can be closed with sliding doors, or just to hang curtains. Inside it is necessary to equip the rack.