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Luxurious Small Apartment Interior Design

Combined bedroom and living room can be a necessity in a small apartment or a modest home. But not always such a method can be called a solution to a desperate situation. Today, the concept of open space in the inner living space has become very popular and also the courage – just look at how demand is now being used by studios.

We came across a simple, but really, a sensible construction, where the bedrooms are located just inside the living room. How is this possible? – Very easy. The large living room of the bedroom (two-place, if you wondered) was awarded a corner and built niche-type design, which is just a big bed instead. Instead of doors, pull the curtains for this niche. Exterior design is built in wardrobe, so clothes owners are kept properly. Economic use of space, in this case, just admire. This floor finish across the floor surface is the same as, however, and walls.

Ask the correct zone division – that the core is the most important. Let's look at how you can successfully combine the living room and the bedroom. By the way, if you find it hard to imagine how it will look like your apartment after the conversion, but do not want to risk your internal support, you can come to 3D max. Interior: The 3D model of your apartment will give you a clear idea of to combine rooms, or better leave all that is.

If you live in an apartment, just two, and they do not need privacy, the possibility of conditional zonement – what you need. It is based on how to clean between the bedroom and the living room all massive walls and replace them with a single rack of through cells. This will make the interior more bright. Very good if the racket between the zones is a module for the TV. And the more practical about the TV will be a 180 degree function, which will rotate the screen into the living room and bedroom.

It sees the spectacular bedroom, the living room, if sunbathing takes place through the floors and walls, creating a sense of conventional differences between the two rooms. In the same colors of decoration in the bedroom, the living room should be a single and furniture in both zones necessarily must be combined with each other in style, color, shape, etc.

The result is a highly refined and harmonious interior, where the area is clearly divided, but at the same time, softly and cautiously into each other. There is one thing: good lighting. It is desirable that they were windows, but at least a sufficient number of rescue and artificial light sources.