how to choose a sofa for small living room 10 useful tips

8 Small Living Room Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

Sofa for the small living room

Choosing furniture for a small room – a task that does not interfere with the lungs. Especially when it comes to living and buying a sofa for her. What it should be, what colors to stay and it will help save valuable area?

Small sofa cool design
1. It's no secret that for small interiors, actually pick up a mobile, compact, stylish design furniture. In the small living room the sofa with bulky artistic decor is in its place. It is advisable to choose a model width from 100 to 140 centimeters, a nice ergonomic design.

Beautiful velvet sofa can chain attention
3. Sofa saturated or unusual colors always draw attention. This maneuver distracts from the actual size of the room. It allows you to dilute monotonous interior, to get away from everyday life and play with an interesting design of the walls. For example, paint them in dark shades, making the situation department intimate. In this case, additional light sources should be considered.

A good option for a small living room
2. To determine the shape, size and arrangement of the sofa, you must mark on the floor in its approximate length, width and depth. Land is possible to measure using building tape or colored tape. So you can visually see how to further furnish the living room furniture, equivalent to one or another bed for this room.

It should experiment with the color of the sofa and the walls
4. Bright colors make furniture more than visual, but the dark interior can visually reduce the sofa. 5. You can experiment not only with the color of the sofa, but also to play with bright colors of decorative pillows. They can act as a contrasting stains or shade the color of the couch (there are several shades darker or brighter clothing).

The contrasting colors of decorative pillows and padding sofa
6. The interior of the small living room can update coin, pink and light green shades.7. The couch on legs with narrow armrests in a small space looks very short and airy.

Brown sofa – a practical solution for a small living room
9. If you can not close the sofa coffee table, you can equip it with a mobile stand. On it you can bring a cup of coffee, put the remote control or magazine. If necessary, mobile stand can be removed and hidden.

Sofa with drawers for storage
Without the sofa and you can do without. There are at least 15 ideas small living room arrangements without this furniture.