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In a world dominated by chandeliers, hanging and built-in lamps, a good table lamp will always find its place. If you make the right choice, you can achieve the necessary symmetry, contrast and decorate any room.

Designer Tip: How to choose the right table lamp

Inner rooms from ullivan + Associates Architects

Making interior decoration in the house becomes apparent as the smallest details play an important role. Style, theme and color scale in the room depends largely on the properly selected lighting system, which creates the right atmosphere. You can not change the situation in the room, but only change the lighting and achieve unbelievable changes in the atmosphere of the room. Correct lighting gives charm, a modern look and provides multifunctionality.

Choose the right place

The kitchen in the industrial style Jarrett Design

The inner living room through Malcolm Duffin Interior

First, you need to decide what you need. You should start with the choice of place, where there will be a table lamp, determine the height where there will be a certain distance from the bed, sofa, chair or wall. First of all, you can buy a lamp and try to install it in different parts of the room. If you liked the conversion, it remains to draw a conclusion about the type and amount of table lamps worth buying. Maybe bedroom you do not have such a light lamp to buy, for the living room!

Decide on the size

Bedroom furnishings by Laura Martin Bovard

Table lamps with a neutral shade of the Accouter Group

It is difficult to determine the height of a table lamp as to whether it will fit the style and interior of the room. If the nightstand table is high, then it is better to choose a table lamp lid, and about a low table, on the contrary. Lampshade lamp should be at eye level so that light bulb does not blink.

Playing with styles

The interior living room by Jessica McKay

Different table lamps in the bedroom

The most common style table lamp response light screen, but it happens to the body as well. World table lamps are very varied, and there is always the opportunity to choose a model in the style of the Art Nouveau or classic Hollywood luxury lamp in the style of the bourgeoisie. Variety says that you can find the right lamp to suit your individual needs. There is an opportunity to use a table lamp the decor in a very different style than the room, so it will be a highlight of the interior.

World of color

Bedroom furnishings by Rachel Reider Interiors

Bright color desk lamps in the interior

Neutral-colored walls without striking elements – A good background for any modern interior. Table lamp in this case will allow you to play not only light but also the color. Multicolored lamps can add the decor absolutely any shade and copper or gold plated model in an industrial style will add charm and add texture.


Bedroom furnishings of Sacha Jacq Interiors

Bedroom interior of Kristen Rivoli Interior

The right to be in the spotlight of the shadow and size. Do not be limited to a selection of a table lamp style or pattern on the lampshade, of course, we must pay attention to ergonomics and proportions. Shade diameter should be at least 5 cm less than its height. The narrower the shadow, the less the area it covers, it is also necessary to keep in mind when buying.

Attention to detail

Interior of modern bedroom with Geremia Design

The lights are different

Most desk lamps arranged so that the shadow can be changed as desired. We must check this opportunity even in a store. In many table lamps, old-fashioned incandescent lamps are used. It is better to replace them with LED in addition to aesthetic enjoyment, will save on the electricity bill. But not all models can replace a light bulb, so it's necessary to examine all the details before you buy.

Combinations and combinations

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Inner rooms from Garrison Hullinger Interiors

Desk lamp should not only be appropriate, but should complement interior design, help to provide coverage on multiple levels. It can be embedded lamps that create the overall mood lighting accents that illuminate architectural features in space, or art, or functional lighting. For better and original images, for example, two completely different in style table lamps, suitable for color or geometric shapes, should be combined to give a clear symmetry of a certain quirkiness of space.
But for those who like to read in bed, table lamps may not be the best assistants. For them there are very different, special and very original models of lamps, which must be seen.